Sunday, April 13, 2008

Outreach at Darden

Originally Posted: Nov 29, 2007

In a hectic MBA program, it is very easy to lose perspective with the rest of the world. Oh sure, we still schmooze heavily with recruiters from all corners of the US - cocktails, dinners, golf, poker. But one way to stay grounded is to reach out to the local community here at Charlottesville.

I was elected as one of the Outreach representatives of my section earlier on this year. One of the first events that I helped organize was for the Habitat for Humanity. A group of eight of us went over to volunteer to build houses for the Habitat one early morning.

And man, was it fun! We came expecting some light work like moving stuff around or painting the walls. What we did NOT expect was to be handed power tools, planks of wood, given some basic instruction and being asked to complete a wooden deck 20 ft above ground!
Here are some pictures of our efforts ...

Another event that I had volunteered for was - Pumpkin Carving for Kids during Halloween at the Charlottesville Boys and Girls Club ...

And sometimes we Outreach reps just do something simple and fun for our section. Right in the middle of our quarter 1 exams, we guys bought loads of chocolates and other goodies, split them up into little bags and dropped the bags off at the mailboxes of all the Section E folks. As a silent surprise!


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